Maddison Product Design Approach

Maddison blends product design intelligence with a deep understanding of technology, usability and manufacturing. Working with corporates, SMEs, start-ups and universities to create successful products combining impact and ingenuity. We have been developing successful products for our clients for over 30 years with a track record of exceeding their expectations. Through our product development work we can help you develop highly valuable intellectual property to enhance and maintain a competitive advantage.


Specialist Areas of Product Design and Commercialisation

Maddison has in-depth experience in the medical and life sciences markets, developing many medical devices, laboratory equipment, IVD systems, point of care and disposable diagnostics solutions.  Our development processes and designs support the various standards including the medical device directive and In Vitro Diagnostics Regulation to support our clients gain CE and FDA approval.  We also work in the industrial and consumer markets, designing award winning and iconic products.

We have extensive experience working with high technology start-ups, SME’s and university research groups developing early stage ideas, IP and technology to commercial success. This includes supporting them to gain funding,  technology scouting, creating visualisations, proof of concepts, user and technology research and with product development strategies.  We take a partnership approach, working on the vital areas that will make the product successful including a strong user focused product design approach and de-risking the development wherever possible.  We have a passion for delivering exciting and ground breaking products through intelligent innovation and striving to exceeded users expectations for performance and ease of use.


Our Business Approach


We always make sure that we really listen to your needs and the needs of your customers. Everything we do is based on putting the user at the centre of the design process.


We don’t design any production intent solution until we have a real understanding of the problem. We are passionate about conducting user research to answer as many unknowns as we can and to discover new, un-met needs.


It’s all about timing and communication. We are used to the requirements of working as part of a multi disciplinary team. When things need doing more quickly, you will find us responsive and proactive.

Some Of Our Clients