From ideas to outputs

Invention must be quick, relevant and commercially viable

Invention alone, how ever brilliant, is just part of a much larger puzzle. Time, money, relevance and design need to be built into every new invention to deliver realistic commercial innovation and viability. Converting invention into commercial success is at the heart of our approach. At Maddison we thrive on invention, whether we're finding new ways to use existing technology or developing new capability, our team are always fired up by the challenge. But our approach is always to structure invention, to assess relevance, review cost implications and thoroughly consider the user, environment and competition, not to mention regulatory implications. We do this in the early stages by building prototypes to actually see and test theory, saving costs and time. 

The ability to recognise ideas through invention to innovation and and commercial success is where Maddison excel. Our process eliminates risk early by testing 'works like' and 'looks like' prototypes in good time, rather than endless theoretical drawings that might be missing something fundamental that will only become obvious at early prototype stage. Our knowledge in out sectors allows us to quickly see how new invention might work and the viability from every viewpoint. Invention is good, commercial viability is essential!