Many of the diagnostic devices we develop require the collection and preparation of a sample for a quick, effective analysis. Microfluidic chips are often the quickest and most cost-effective means of doing so. 

Maddison specializes in the development of diagnostic devices that require efficient sample collection and preparation for rapid and effective analysis. In this context, microfluidic chips have emerged as a preferred solution due to their speed and cost-effectiveness. While there is a wide range of microfluidic devices utilized in laboratories, only a limited number have achieved commercial success. One significant obstacle is the complexity and expense associated with the intricate geometries used in lab settings, which pose challenges for mass production and reproducibility.

At Maddison, we collaborate closely with industry experts to design simplified microfluidic chips suitable for large-scale production. Our approach relies on in-depth knowledge of proven components, enabling us to mitigate technical risks, reduce development costs, and ensure compatibility with real-world production constraints.

Through iterative processes, Maddison has honed its ability to cost-effectively manufacture microfluidic chips, swiftly create prototypes, and continually refine designs. Throughout our work, we prioritize the generation and utilization of intellectual property for the benefit of our clients.