Rock and Roll

At the core of this project was to pioneer a groundbreaking bioreactor using a rocking motion. The client envisioned that this innovation would lead to shorter mixing times and higher mass transfer properties.

A bioreactor serves a crucial role in the drug manufacturing process, particularly as a single-use system designed for cultivating mammalian cells in suspension culture.

Maddison collaborated with their partner GBE Electronics to conceptualize, develop, and produce this solution.

Client -
Pall Corporation
Industry -
Services -
Design for Manufacture, Mechanical Design , Industrial Design, Invention and Innovation, User Experience

Build, test and learn

Maddison began by engineering a new rocking system to fit within a small enclosure, whilst, improving and increasing the axis of movement.

Once we understood the core physics of the challenge, Maddison built a series of rapid prototypes and improved them to refine the design.

Another significant consideration involved protecting the input and output tubing. Concepts were devised and tested to secure the tubing, preventing damage and enabling movement.

The art of engineering

Simultaneously with the engineering development and industrial design, an aesthetic solution was developed, alongside the design of user 'touchpoints.' 

This involved crafting a user interface and initial concepts for the industrial designs, as depicted here.

Proof is in the pudding

The initial "works-like" prototype undergoing bench testing. It was meticulously created, rigorously tested, iterated upon, and enhanced before advancing to the development stage of a "looks like, works-like" prototype.

Because of its unique bi-axial agitation and the subsequent shorter mixing times and higher mass transfer properties, the Allegro XRS 25 bioreactor system produces superior performance compared to competitor rocker systems, as measured by higher density, better cell viability, and higher expression level.

Developing a looks-like, works-like prototype

Following successful bench tests of the “works-like” prototype, several "Looks-like, works-like" prototypes were created. The final step before production versions of the Bioreactor were defined and created. 

Creative Engineering

Clients often come to Maddison needing a solution to a problem. We pride ourselves on being able to devise and implement elegant, inventive solutions. We work in multi-disciplinary teams, with team members tackling a problem from various angles. This normally results in patent-able intellectual property for our client and a market-leading solution.

However, we recognize that we don't have all the answers. Utilizing our longstanding relationships with contacts at top UK universities, we've built a network of partners and subject matter experts across various fields. We can readily call upon them to contribute to our collaborative problem-solving efforts.