Maddison Product Design

Maddison blends product design with a deep understanding of technology, usability and manufacturing. We work with corporates, SMEs, start-ups and universities to create successful products combining impact and ingenuity. We have been developing successful products for our clients for over 30 years, with a track record of exceeding their expectations. Through our product development work, we can help you develop intellectual property to enhance and maintain a competitive advantage.

Specialist Areas

Maddison has in-depth experience in the medical and life sciences markets, developing medical devices, laboratory equipment, wearables, point of care and disposable diagnostics solutions. Our development processes and design work support our clients in compiling technical files for regulatory approval. We also work in the industrial and consumer markets, designing award winning and iconic products.

We have extensive experience working with high technology start-ups, SMEs and university research groups in turning early stage ideas, IP and technology into commercial success.



Our Key Contributions


We undertake user research and testing to understand user needs so that our design solutions fit into existing workflows, delight the user and minimise user error.

Technical Risk

We are adept at managing technical risk, undertaking proof of principle testing to establish solutions and creating first prototypes to test solutions in the field.

Design for Manufacture

Our designs are grounded and practical. From first concepts, we are thinking about how devices will be made and tapping into our extensive network of prototyping and manufacturing vendors to make sure we can deliver a cost-effective solution.

Some Of Our Clients