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Tampliners mark a significant milestone in tampon innovation since their initial invention in 1936. Renowned gynaecologist Dr. Alex Hooi developed this groundbreaking solution in response to a prevalent issue: despite the average woman using around 11,000 tampons during her lifetime, more than a quarter of women expressed dissatisfaction with existing products. With Tampliners, Dr. Hooi has successfully addressed these concerns, providing enhanced comfort and ease of use.

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User Research, Human Factors, Industrial Design, Design for Manufacture
reddot design award


In 2021 Callaly tampliner was awarded the prestigious Red-Dot: design award ‘Best of the Best’, reserved for the best products in a category.

Innovation focused on ‘her'

Callaly joined forces with Maddison to transform their innovative idea into a practical tampon solution that prioritizes both comfort and performance. Together, by refining the design as well as conducting extensive user wear trials, helped Maddison and Callaly to achieve the optimal shape for the mini liner. Ensuring the Tampliner is effective and comfortable. Through careful selection of materials and the creation of a virtual applicator shape, the collaborative effort resulted in a tampon that can be easily removed and offers a discreet fit while in use. This breakthrough brings a new level of comfort to women's menstrual care routines.

From prototype to product

Maddison's involvement went beyond prototyping. We facilitated and conducted user trials with a carefully selected group of women, gathering valuable feedback that informed the final design of the mini-liner, virtual applicator profile, and material selection. This collaborative approach ensured that the Tampliner met the specific needs and preferences of its intended users.

Maddison assisted Callaly in choosing the right manufacturing partner and commissioned a pilot machine to produce this innovative product. Throughout the entire process and through consistent consultation and support. The Tampliner was refined to a production design. The outcome is a meticulously crafted product that embodies innovation, comfort, and quality.

callaly manufacture made in the UK with the help of Maddison

Design for sustainability

Callaly, a certified B corporation, prioritizes user well-being and environmental sustainability in their menstrual care solutions. Understanding the impact of sanitary products on the planet, they have collaborated with Maddison to thoughtfully select materials that meet rigorous organic standards. With a strong focus on sustainability, Callaly sources organic cotton that is free from harmful substances such as dioxins, dyes, pesticides, and fragrances. This ensures a sterilized product that is gentle on the body and minimizes potential health risks. Additionally, Callaly avoids the use of glues and varnishes, opting for eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

On-the-go packaging design

Tampliner takes convenience and discretion to the next level with its thoughtful design. An individual wrapper has been specifically created to provide added value before and after use. Research has revealed the environmental concerns associated with flushing tampons down the toilet. With the Tampliner wrapper, disposing of the used tampon in the bin after removal becomes simple and environmentally friendly. The wrapper not only promotes eco-consciousness but also enhances the overall user experience. Opening the product delivers a satisfying sensation, reflecting its careful packaging under clinical conditions to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Designed with discretion in mind, the end product easily fits into bags or pockets, making it perfect for on-the-go storage.

Callaly Tampliner shown in small handbag - convenient and discrete