Intellectual property

When it comes to intellectual property, Maddison distinguishes itself from other consultants. We prioritize transparency and clarity, ensuring that any IP generated on behalf of our clients is fully owned by them.

At Maddison, we understand the significance of generating and safeguarding intellectual property (IP) throughout the design process. With four decades of experience, we have assisted numerous clients in discovering innovative solutions and securing their IP rights.

Our comprehensive IP services include:

  1. Freedom to operate searches: We conduct thorough searches to ensure your design doesn't infringe on existing IP rights, allowing you to operate freely.

  2. Patent landscapes: We provide an in-depth analysis of existing patents in your field, giving you a clear understanding of the competitive landscape.

  3. Identifying and designing patentable solutions: Our expert team helps you uncover novel and inventive solutions that are eligible for patent protection.

  4. Avoiding existing or background IP: We assist you in avoiding potential conflicts with pre-existing IP, ensuring a smooth path for your innovations.

  5. Patent preparation: Our collaboration with skilled patent attorneys enables us to meticulously prepare your patent application, including drafting claims and creating patent drawings.

By partnering with trusted patent attorneys, we ensure a comprehensive review of your intellectual property and facilitate the seamless preparation and filing of patent applications.