Market Defining Innovation

Maddison's brief was to re-think the design of the household extractor fan and significantly expanding the client’s market share in a competitive industry. The goal was to develop an appealing, contemporary product while also engineering a solution to minimize noise.

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Industrial Design, Invention and Innovation, Engineering, Design for Manufacture
reddot design award

Icon was awarded a Reddot design award. 'A revolution in fan design. You have never seen a fan like it or installed a fan like it either.' - Judges comments

“In 2004, the Airflow iCON range of ventilation fans breathed new life into the stagnant ventilation industry. It had a dynamic, new design which blended style with functionality in the generic field of boxy extractor fans. Many experts said the iCON had revolutionised residential ventilation with its dynamic build, which won a Red Dot Design award. The changes made were not merely cosmetic; rather, they were the results of a complete re-haul of the way in which fans were designed, specified, installed and sold.”
Sparks Direct. March 2015

Beautiful integration of design and engineering

Maddison created a revolutionary solution with our ‘Iris’ three blade back-flow shutter. The product has a clean external appearance and it's quiet when running. We engineered a solution with interchangeable control modules to reduce stock holding, simplify installation and repair.