Medical packaging

Packaging is an often-overlooked aspect of product development that if not considered at the start of the design process can lead to delays and the need for product redesign.

During the design phase, it is crucial to carefully evaluate critical factors such as:

  • The sterilization method to be used 
  • The required clean room environment for assembly and packaging
  • The required shelf life and necessary barrier properties
  • Usability and integration of information and labelling
  • Cost
  • Materials and sustainability 
  • Regulatory compliance 

ISO 11607 is harmonised standard between ISO and the FDA to ensure the integrity of medical device packaging. Maddison has experience and expertise in developing integrated packaging solutions that adhere to the ISO 11607 standards. 

We have established long-term relationships with trusted medical packaging suppliers, which allows us to leverage these connections to fulfill your specific packaging requirements. By working with us, you can ensure that your packaging meets the necessary quality and compliance standards.