Solving the missing link

In the UK, a substantial number of 58,275 patients face challenges with accurate diagnoses stemming from issues with their urine specimens. This often results in declining health conditions and significant long-term financial consequences. Recognizing the critical need for an improved urine collection device, Forte Medical embarked on a mission to enhance diagnosis rates by significantly reducing the occurrence of contaminated samples. Seeking assistance from Maddison, they joined forces to develop an innovative solution and bring it to the market.

Client -
Forte Medical
Industry -
Medical Device
Services -
Industrial Design, Mechanical Design , Human Factors
da&d awards peezy midstream maddison design


Peezy achieved acclaim at the D&AD awards, earning a wood pencil recognition for medical design. 

We have used Peezy Midstream with patients in clinic. Comparison with historical specimen results show that it collects a better specimen with lower contamination, which means fewer repeats. Patients are happy with the hygiene because urine goes into the tube and not on their hands. The lab is happy to receive a proper MSU in a clean tube that fits their analysers. The system delivers accuracy, efficiency and hygiene for all parties; I would like to see it used routinely across the NHS.
Professor Frank Chingwundoh - Consultant Urological Surgeon

Developing a low-cost solution

The first Peezy Midstream was a funnel formed by flat-sheet film, with a unique container-acceptor, incorporating an overflow duct. The killer ingredient to the device however, was a small compressed sponge, specified to expand once 8-10ml of urine had passed through the base of the funnel. The expanded sponge blocked the outlet to direct midstream into the collection tube, with excess diverted through a separate, integral outlet.

Further innovation

Peezy Mark I underwent comprehensive evaluations throughout the UK, receiving overwhelming praise from nurses and patients alike. However, despite its positive reception, its selling price of approximately £1.20 proved to be too expensive to meet the NHS's cost-saving requirements. To address this concern, Peezy Mark II was developed as a single-cavity injection moulded piece, retaining all the essential mechanisms and features. This innovative redesign successfully reduced the manufacturing cost by 50%, making it a more affordable and viable option for widespread adoption.