Point-of-Care innovation

Genomtec has developed an advanced mobile platform that brings genetic diagnostics directly to the point of patient care. With their Respiratory Panel 5-Plex (RP5-PLEX), Genomtec has obtained the CE-IVD Mark, making them the sole provider of this solution in Europe. This innovative technology detects viruses and bacteria responsible for respiratory tract infections, enabling healthcare professionals to swiftly and accurately diagnose patients. The user interface and industrial design of Genomtec was developed in collaboration with Maddison, adding seamless functionality and aesthetic appeal to this exceptional platform.

Client -
Industry -
Point-of-care Diagnostic Device
Services -
User Interface Design, User Research, Industrial Design, Human Factors
industrial design and development for a medical POC diagnostic

Interface Design for Medical Devices

By collaboratively conducting a user Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (uFMEA), Maddison efficiently identified potential hazards and risks. Leveraging this valuable insight, Maddison proceeded to construct interactive clickable prototypes, enabling rigorous testing and continuous refinement of the interface. Through multiple iterations, the digital assets developed for user testing were seamlessly integrated and coded into the final device, ready for comprehensive testing and evaluation.

Maddison's principles for developing a medical user interface

  1. First, do no harm.
  2. Define the governing regulatory requirements.
  3. Involve users and test the device with them early.
  4. Understand and use existing medical conventions.
  5. Develop with successive build–test–learn loops. 
  6. Design the interface to be intuitive.
  7. Use poka-yoke principles.
  8. Design in redundancy.
  9. Design in forgiveness.

Regulatory understanding

Maddison contributed significantly to the Genomtec team's development of their medical interface. Designing a graphic user interface for a medical device is a complex process that must adhere to important guidelines for example ISO 62366 for usability and human factors, MHRA and FDA Guidance: Applying Human Factors and Usability Engineering to Medical Devices. Our ISO13485 accreditation reflects our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.